Lanky Moss

Lanky moss, Rhytideadelphus loreus, is a community of organisms, a moss forest with a vertical structure:

  1. Upper growing moss with green leaves
  2. Lower brown stem, attached sand grains with organic material, fungus, moss rhizomes, rhizomorphs, mychoryzae incorporated in the grains, all of which conform to each other in such a way they must have formed in place.
  3. Peat composed mostly of moss stems but with considerable sand (photo above…very easy to see the silica in this layer!). Roots, fungus, moss stem and rhizoids cyanobacteria, form a thick mat.. stems often cross at right angles.

Mostly sand with the gauzy remains of moss, fungal and algal tissue and the grains that formed within them. It feels like the sand is held together with spider webs and it breaks down into egg shaped or conical clumps. (below has roots)

Here is a magnetic particle from layer 2. lower moss stem:

And from a little lower down … zone 3, more magnetic moss.